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Handmade wooden lead pencils and fountain pens

Nero Calamis is a narrow range of lead pencils and fountain pens handmade in Italy from local wood. Turned and beautifully finished by a thin layer of lacquer, all items looks different and unique. 

Far from the usual, our lead pencils were inspired by the old style drawing tools. Despite the lack of whatsoever metallic mechanism, the graphite lead firmly stays at its place thanks to a brilliant trick that exploits an elementary locking system.

The lead pencils are available in 3 refined shapes and many kinds of woods. Wood is an extraordinary material, rich in colors and patterns; it makes every single artwork look similar and different at the same time.

 Who are these pencils for? In our opinion, they’re perfect for artists of all ages, collectors and, of course, pencil devotees.

Our fountain pens also look out of the ordinary. The unique and distinctive design, the lack of any clip combined to the delicate colors of the wood give each piece a strong personality. They’re available in 4 shapes and many woods types to satisfy the expectations of both masculine and feminine souls. The writing is made smooth by a high quality nib.

 Who are these fountain pens for? If you are the sort of person that enjoys the form of a writing instrument as much as the function, if you like giving an extra touch of personal into your communication, if you’re proud to be a collector of fine write instruments, well they’re perfect for you.

All items are numbered and come in a nice gift box.

Gift box

Unique pieces, each pen is numbered

An handmade writing instrument is a very special gift for people whom you know will cherish them and treasure them as a symbol of the relationship that you share.

All fountain pens, ballpoint pens and lead pencils come in a nice thick cardboard gift box.

Our items are also made from unusual wood types.

Wood types

All writing instruments here exposed are made from properly seasoned local wood. It comes from the Alps and Apennine area. The colors are completely natural and no two items are exactly alike. 

No plants were damaged or destroyed in the making of them. Wood is an important natural resource and we all should respect it. In fact, it comes from pruning, from naturally fallen trees or exchanged with other woodworkers.

It’s a choice with no regrets because the local wood perfectly fit to our needs: it’s beautiful, strong, colored, and close to us in terms of history and culture. 

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