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Help, replacements, suggestions

NeroCalamis writing and drawing instruments are made by hand from many wood types. They’re made to be used for a long time. If time and use have obfuscate the original beauty, please read our suggestion across this page or get in touch with us. We'll do our best to help you.

Need a refreshing?

All items are finished by a thin layer of lacquer that grants brightness and protection for a long time. Don't forget to gently rub your pen or pencil with a wool cloth from time to time. Should the problem be more serious, please get in touch with us.

Please remember that wood darkens considerably as it ages, faster if exposed to sunlight. 

Graphite leads

Each pencil houses a 2B graphite lead, diameter mm 5.6. No matter where you live, you can easily get replacing leads in any fine art store as well as online.

Important: If you need another hardness grade for your graphite lead, please remember that the only convenient diameter for your pencil is mm 5.6.

Learn how to assembly your pencil.

The nib

In each pen is a high quality medium mark nib made from steel by Schmidt

All fountain pens share a high quality medium mark nib, made from steel by Schmidt. It makes the writing smooth and enjoyable.

The original converter can be easily replaced by an ink cartridge. To increase your silky smooth writing experience, we suggest you to always choose a good quality ink for fountain pens.

Don't you know how to refill your fountain pen? learn more.

How to refill your fountain pen

The converter is just one of many ways to fill a fountain pen. You can also switch back to ink cartridges. It all depends on what your priorities are, and whether you value capacity, color options, or convenience most.

How to clean a fountain pen

Fountain pens need periodic cleaning to keep them performing their best. They should be cleaned every 4-8 weeks, even if they are still writing well and whenever you are changing from one ink to another.

Uncap the pen and remove the nib section from the barrel of the pen, hold it under cold or room-temperature running water for a few seconds to wash off any easily removable ink and let it dry for 12–24 hours on a smooth cloth or paper towel to help draw the water out of the nib.

Once the nib section is dry, install the converter or cartridge, and screw the nib section back into the barrel.