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Available wood types

All writing instruments here exposed are made from properly seasoned local wood. It comes from the Alps and Apennine area. The colors are completely natural and no two items are exactly alike. 

No plants were damaged or destroyed in the making of them. Wood is an important natural resource and we all should respect it. In fact, it comes from pruning, from naturally fallen trees or exchanged with other woodworkers.

It’s a choice with no regrets because the local wood perfectly fit to our needs: it’s beautiful, strong, colored, and close to us in terms of history and culture.  

Nerocalamis handmade pens and pencils are made from local wood

1. Apricot
2. Hawthorn
3. Boxwood
4. Wild cherry
5. Laburnum anagyroides
6. Mahogany
7. Black walnut
8. Elm
9. Osage

10. Cypress
11. Beech
12. Ash
13. Juniper
14. Pear
15. Prunus
16. Acacia
17. Olive
18-19. Mahogany, Ash, Black walnut

Wood characteristics, quality and flaws

All items are individually turned with properly seasoned wood. Each pen or pencil comes from a single piece of wood (i.e. pen body and its cap) in order to avoid undesired chromatic effects.

We personally select every single wood piece and reject the inappropriate ones. However, as wood is a natural material expect small dots, veining, variations in finish due to the inherent characteristics in grain and texture of wood. Slight variations in color are strictly due to the characteristics of wood. This shouldn’t be considered as flaws but as distinctive signs that make your pen unique.

Please be also aware that wood darkens considerably as it ages, faster if exposed to sunlight. 

Please take care of our creations.

Refreshing you pen or pencil

Both pens and pencils are finished by a thin layer of lacquer that grants brightness and protection for a long time. Nevertheless, the frequent use as well as the prolonged hand contact might cause a few little anti-aesthetic problems.

Should your pen need a refresh, please get in touch with us to discuss how to solve the situation.