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Wooden lead pencils

Looking for a very special pencil? You don’t have to look no further. Each of these natural wooden pencils is hand turned and finished in Italy. They are simply wonderful. How can we be so sure? Because we see the wonder every time the pencil is shown up for the very first time.

Undoubtedly far from the usual, these pencils take you back in time. Just close the eyes and figure yourself sitting side by side to a great artist, or being that artist yourself while marking the last decisive line on an extraordinary artwork. Maybe we’re overdrawing.. Aren’t we?

What makes these pencils so particular is the lack of any metallic mechanism. Nonetheless, the graphite lead firmly stays at its place thanks to a very simple trick that exploits an elementary locking system.

Men and pencils are inseparable; they're practically joined at the hip. We can’t do without. But it’s an intriguing relationship: someone treasures them just like relics while others even bites them while chasing a fleeting thought.

The lead pencils are available in 3 refined shapes and many kinds of woods. Wood is an extraordinary material, rich in colors and patterns which make every single artwork look similar and different at the same time.

Graphite lead

Replacing graphite leads can be found in every fine art store

Each pencil houses a 2B graphite lead, diameter mm 5.6. No matter where you live, you can easily get replacing leads in any fine art store as well as online.

How does it work?

The secret of these lead pencils lies in this conic holder

They're very easy to use: the lead is housed in a wooden conic holder that shows a longitudinal cut. Once the holder is in the pencil body, the lead cannot move anymore. To move or replace the lead, just pull the conic tool out, make your adjustments and replace it in the wooden pencil body. That’s it.

Please follow this short tutorial.

The gift box includes a wooden pencil an an old style lead sharpener

Gift box

Unique pieces, each pencil is numbered.

The pencils come in individual boxes. But the pencil is not alone, in the box you’ll find an old-style lead sharpener made from wood and sandpaper.

It's a perfect gift for those who love the old style writing instruments and especially dedicated to the pencil "devotees".