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Wooden fountain pens

Writing makes us different from other species while handwriting identifies one another. The sign that comes out of our pen tells more than expected; it sometimes goes beyond the content. Curls, for example, reveal a tendency to gesticulate, while a few flexible and stretched marks harbor the lecturer after a turbulent journey across a text made rough by too many vertical lines.

Fountain pens keep on attracting both women and men of all ages. Handwriting is, in fact, our voice made visible on paper; it’s a sort of rebellion to the excess of technology that reduces the relevance of our being here, now.

For this collection, we’ve studied 3 shapes and chosen some wood types. Wood features may vary even among pens from the same line. That is one of the beauties of these natural-finish objects: each pen will look different and unique.

The nib

In each pen is a high quality medium mark nib made from steel by Schmidt

All fountain pens share a high quality medium mark nib, made from steel by Schmidt. It makes the writing smooth and enjoyable.

The original converter can be easily replaced by an ink cartridge. To increase your silky smooth writing experience, we suggest you to always choose a good quality ink for fountain pens.

Don't you know how to refill your fountain pen? learn more.

Gift box

Unique pieces, each pen is numbered

The fountain pen is a very special gift for people whom you know will cherish them and treasure them as a symbol of the relationship that you share.

All fountain pens come in a nice cardboard gift box.